Martha Wainwright – Around The Bend

Artist: Martha Wainwright

Song: Around The Bend

Based: Canada

Stands out: Relatable lyrics, Beautiful guitar, Unusual singing style

She’s been on our radar ever since the 2005 track ‘Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole’. A couple of us here at Audiotox relied on Martha to get us through our teenage years so she holds a dear place in our heart. For a little while she went off our radars because she was doing obscure french music. We’re so excited by this new track, she’s finally back to what she does best! ‘Around The Bend’ is uplifting but in an unusual way. Martha has a real knack for putting out this vibe of “my life’s a mess but that’s okay” – let’s be real… That’s 2016 in a single sentence. Welcome back Ms Wainwright. We’ve missed you.