Macy Todd – Give It Up

Artist: Macy Todd

Song: Give It Up

Based: Atlanta, Georgia

Stands out: Raspy female vocal, funky beat, polished sound

After racking up over 600k streams on her debut single last year, Macy Todd was always destined for great things. This is one of those things. Our favourite submission over the past 24 hours without a doubt. ‘Give It Up’ is a classic rock/pop song with a lot of funk, thanks to the trumpets and verby guitars. The raspy vocal of Ms Todd only makes it even better. If you listen to one song today, this should be it.


“Give It Up” came to Macy while her longtime producer and collaborator, Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra, A Rocket To The Moon) was recovering from surgery to remove a cancerous lesion from his vocal cords. While in the hospital, he was told he wasn’t allowed to speak for three days, but couldn’t get the melody (or the idea of Macy singing the track) out of his head. Deciding to break doctors orders, he whisper-sang the single to Macy on a call, and ran right from the hospital to the studio to record it the very day he was discharged.