The New Coast – Sleeptalk

Artist: The New Coast

Song: Sleeptalk

Based: London, UK

Stands out: Powerhouse chorus

Sleeptalk’ is an indie anthem by English duo The New Coast (consisting of Nick Blyth & Chris Cheater). With a sound somewhere between Panic At The Disco and Troye Sivan, this band have got a really cool indie-synth-rock vibe going on.

We loved this track as soon as the chorus kicked, it’s so powerful! The melody is pretty catchy too which is always a plus. When listening to the verses we thought the lead singer’s vocal tone was nice but it’s really in the louder parts where he strikes gold. If you like synth-pop, a bit of indie and you’re a fan of unique writing styles then this one is for you.

Speaking about ‘Sleeptalk’ – Nick Blyth explains “‘Sleeptalk’ felt massively cathartic for us and allowed us to explore a really personal moment in a cinematic, 3 minute pop song. Lyrically, for me, it pin points a delicate moment between two people, people who are just starting to get to know each other, but also notice these colorful and intense emotions in a very short period of time.

The New Coast will be playing their debut London headline show on November 30th, along with debut dates in Manchester, Hull & Brighton.

Tickets on sale now: