Hi-Fi Cali & The Prams – Attention

Artist: Hi-Fi Cali & The Prams

Song: Attention

Based: Minneapolis

Stands out: Husband & Wife duo! OMG! + minimal drop is ✌? 

If you like: Paperwhite, Allie X

OH MY GOD. This is the best. ‘The Prams’ are a husband-wife duo, does it get much more incredible than that?

This track is the creation of Hi-Fi Cali which is a side project of Chris Bartel’s Bora York. He’s been collaborating with different artists for his Hi-Fi Cali singles which in this case turned out to be a great idea.

‘Attention’ is an electronic track featuring some really incredible vocals, lots of 80’s synths and some melodies that won’t get out your brain all day. It boasts an incredible yet minimal drop. One of the best songs we’ve ever written about! Can’t sing these guys enough praise.