Lee N. Sage – Pastures

Artist: Lee N. Sage

Song: Pastures

Based: Detroit

Stands out: Vocal melody

If you like: Bruce Springsteen (Nebraska)

Lee N. Sage is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan.

‘Pastures’ is a taken from Lee’s debut EP which was written within various cabins throughout the woods of Northern Michigan’s lower and upper peninsulas.

A swinging, timeless acoustic vocal is laid down on this track which is a really nice touch and adds a unique selling point as some acoustic songs can be hard to distinguish from others. It’s very Bruce Springsteen (circa 1982) which is lovely; it’s that raw ‘made on a tape recorder’ type of authenticity we love in an acoustic track. Of course this was not actually made on a tape recorder but it’s got that great raw feel to it.