Maxwell Powers – Time (Mostly Waiting)

Artist: Maxwell Powers

Song: Time (Mostly Waiting)

Based: Oakland, USA

Stands out: Super catchy lyrics, dark/chill synth-pop

If you like: This is totally unique, doesn’t sound like anything else.

This has to be one of the coolest tracks ever. It’s been our jam over the past week at the office.

Minimalistic and atmospheric synths are graced with some equally minimal lyrics sung by a downpitched vocal which is uber-catchy. The synths are soon met by an unpitched male vocal and some higher synths before reaching the chilled drop which consists of what sounds like a keytar backed with a saw synth, remaining minimal the whole time.

About Maxwell Powers: Maxwell Powers’ career all started on night back in 2011, when he emerged from the ether with his keytar, determined to make something of himself. He proceeded to put out a series of YouTube videos combining synth-driven indie pop and no-budget filming to tell stories of life, love and the occasional existential crisis. The releases quickly garnered a cult-like following and have now been streamed over a million times.