Kauf – Limestone

Artist: Kauf

Song: Limestone

Based: Los Angeles

Stands out: Emotional lyrics

This is a downtempo song by Kauf, taken from his new album ‘Regrowth’ which is set for release on October 13th.

The core of the track is an emotional soft rock ballad with smooth and soft vocals however, the production leans much more towards alternative synth-pop.

It’s a really cool song for this Autumn/Winter, we’re really hoping the rest of the album is as good!

“The chorus comes from something my boyfriend and I have proudly said to other people – that ‘we never fight,’ which is true, we don’t yell or get into big heated arguments, but that’s definitely not the only sign of problems in a relationship. In this case it was a lack of communication about things under the surface that slowly built up over a long period of time. And the song is about that claustrophobic feeling when you’re in the same space with someone physically but don’t feel you can really connect, whether it’s caused by events that happened within the relationship or other things in your history.” – Kauf