Song: Superfly

Based: Indonesia

Stands out: Super catchy, silky smooth vocals

If you like: Electronic pop

‘Superfly’ is the new single from Indonesian artist and producer named Calvin who’s stage name is PERSONEINVACANZE.

The second we heard the gorgeous synths at the beginning of this track we knew we would love it. We were even more pumped when we heard the silky smooth vocals of a mysterious unnamed female singer.

The chorus is super catchy (and we mean *super* catchy). We have all been singing it for the past 2 weeks in the office, this could possibly be one of the best songs we have ever received, it’s certainly the catchiest!

Here’s what Calvin had to say about it:

“I wrote the song on the train while I was on my way back from shooting the video for my first single. I was kind of daydreaming and looking around at the young couple near me, then I imagined what would happen if my young rebellious teenage self had a relationship at that moment. What kind of relationship that would be? And what kind of feeling or sparks would it make me feel? That’s kinda what inspired me and how Superfly was made. I hope you can relate to it. No matter how old you are, embrace that young rebellious person inside of you.”