phlwest – in the city

Artist: phlwest

Song: in the city

Based: Germany

Stands out: Minimalist production

When we discovered this song we realised there’s nothing to compare it to. We’ve never heard anything quite like this.

The song is comprised of simple piano, minimalist percussion and layered vocals with harmonies. We love how minimal and simple the track is while maintaining a pace and catchy melodies. We think you’ll like this if you are into cutting edge new sounds. It’s very well polished but still indie.

“Minimalistic complexity is the defining narrative threading phlwest’s music. German based independent singer, songwriter and producer phlwest merges modern simplicity with lyric-driven, club-oriented music that aims to make you comfortable with being uncomfortable. Influenced by the moody dance music of SG Lewis, early Kygo and Ben Pearce, as well as storytellers such as Frank Ocean and Lady Gaga, phlwest began making his own evocative tracks.”