Chris Ayer – Heavy

Artist: Chris Ayer

Song: Heavy

Based: USA

Stands out: Catchy vocals

If you like: Bastille, LANY

‘Heavy’ is the new single from the über talented Chris Ayer.

The track is a really catchy pop song which is based around clean electric guitar, 80’s bass and steady percussion. Oh… and let’s not forget Chris’s amazing vocals.

The writing on this song is perfect, we love how it’s catchy and satisfying without being a bunch of predictable cliches.

‘Heavy’ is an emotional reality check for listeners of all ages. Ayer’s poignant lyrics find a way to subtly strike at the hearts of both millennials and baby-boomers with pinpoint accuracy. The post modern production sets the mood while the soaring vocals and raunchy guitar riffs seal the deal. For this release, Chris has collaborated with the hottest up and coming writers LA has to offer, including producer Keith Varon (Federal Empire, Nightly, Lindsey Stirling) and top-liner Jessica Vaughn (Laces, Charlotte Sometimes, BRZY). This trio of talent is proving to be a lethal combination of songwriting and production. Listen for yourself!