Little Earthquake – Human Connection

Artist: Little Earthquake

Song: Human Connection

Based: Australia

Stands out: Production

If you like: Troye Sivan, Broods

‘Human Connection’ is moody indie-tronica act Little Earthquake’s latest release.

The track is full of brooding square synths and bass heavy production which could lend itself to the likes of Drake. We love the fusion of sounds.

The vocals are top lined by Rosa Morgan. We love how soft they are and the fairly flat production of them helps not to detract from the song in its entirety.

Justin Hyland describes the creative process behind ‘Human Connection’ –

‘I was in a very dark place when I wrote ‘Human Connection’. It’s about a girl, I thought I wanted to be with. As the writing progressed, the song took a very creative turn and started to take on a life of its own. I realised that I actually wasn’t chasing this girl and I was running from myself. I thought I was asking her not to give up on me, but by the time the song was finished I realised I was reaching out to myself. Not giving up on myself and not being afraid to admit that I wanted human connection. Ultimately, the song became a journey about self-reflection’