AKA Block Ft. Satta – Far Side Of The Moon

Artist: AKA Block Ft. Satta

Song: Far Side Of The Moon

Based: Amsterdam

Stands out: Amazing production and catchy vocals

If you like: Flume

This song is the new track form Amsterdam based artist AKA Block. Although he’s based in Amsterdam, we feel he has a west-coast vibe which we really love.

The track starts out chilled and smooth with falsetto vocals and soft synths. The modern production really shines as the chorus drops and the instrumentation and vocals make a transition. The synths drop out except for a couple of keys and the vocals go from falsetto to a deeper and stronger tone.

Catchy as hell and a great song in many ways, this is a real banger for all year round. Also… can we talk about the artwork? How rad is that!