Bleed The Rads – New Year

Artist: Bleed The Rads

Song: New Year

Based: Philadelphia

Stands out: Fuzzy and warm sound, chilled vibes

‘New Year’ is the latest release from Philadelphia based act Bleed The Rads.

Bleed The Rads is a solo project by a man called Ryan Stapleton. The sound is soft, warm and electronic. Imagine Bruce Springsteen (circa Nebraska) being introduced to the likes of Wet (the band).

We really loved the combo of repetitive banjo and soft percussion with digitised vocals. Although they have a digital auto-tuney vibe to them, the vocals are kept fresh and indie with the use of harmonies and a beautiful job on the equaliser.

Here’s what Ryan had to say about the song: “It is about how my last couple of New Year’s Eve’s have gone and how I expect this year’s to go.”. I think we can all relate to that, it’s built up to be such a big dramatic night and usually is underwhelming or overwhelming for all the wrong reasons.

Here’s to a *good* new year! Check out the song below.