Jack Vallier – Change Your Mind

Artist: Jack Vallier

Song: Change Your Mind

Based: United Kingdom

Stands out: Raspy vocals, R&B tones

If you like: Troye Sivan, The 1975

Jack Vallier is a relatively new artist from the UK.

With an indie sound that takes elements from R&B and pop, Mr Vallier has really earned a name for himself on the music scene. You may know him from his fantastic single ‘Rebekah’.

The track is very stripped back, allowing jacks strong yet raspy vocals to take the lead. We love the vulnerability in his tone, it adds a lot of depth and character to the song.

Across the EP’s four tracks Jack has delved into a past breakup, stacked in one EP each track tells it’s story from denial (Rebekah), regret (The Boy You Knew), bargaining (Change Your Mind) and acceptance (Good For You). Albeit not released in sequential order, each track tells it’s own tale but listening to the EP from start to finish delivers a strong cohesive story of a universal truth and is a great example of the strength of Jack’s songwriting. The woozy RnB-pop undertones on previous singles give way to an uplifting piano line on Change Your Mind with Jack exercising his best Beach Boy’s vocal harmonies.

If you’d like to discover a great new artist that you will listen to for the foreseeable future the check out ‘Change Your Mind’ below: