Nick Fabian – Love Is Everlasting

Artist: Nick Fabian

Song: Love Is Everlasting

Based: USA

Stands out: Beautiful message & video

If you like: Charlie Puth

Nick Fabian is an artist based in Nashville. His newest single ‘Love Is Everlasting’ is a touching ballad with a clean and current production that allows the emotion, and talent, to shine through.

Nick wrote the track after losing his grandfather. The heartwarming video includes images from his family’s collection of home videos, as well as stunning scenes of Nick walking in the snow. The video has apparently resonated strongly with a lot of people, surpassing 35,000 views at the time of posting this article. ( )

According to Nick’s management many fans have reached out to the Dallas-born artist with their own experiences of loss.

Stuck In My Head, his debut EP, was released this past autumn, and Nick is releasing one song per month in 2018. “Love Is Everlasting” is the first song in the collection.