The King’s Parade – Woman

Artist: The King’s Parade

Song: Woman

Based: London, United Kingdom

Stands out: Lyrics

‘Woman’ is the fresh release from London quartet The King’s Parade.

At first listen this track could be enjoyed purely for it’s heart-wrenching pop-ballad sound, complete with smooth soul vibes and a terrifically emotive lead vocal. Instead this song transcends the surface listen with its intelligent songwriting and the band’s engagement with the fight for gender equality.

Frontman Olly Corpe explains, “I see it every day and it never changes. It seems that it’s ingrained and that there’s just this biological barrier that we men can’t or won’t break down.The idea behind the chorus was to try and make the phrase “Like a Woman” celebratory and empowering, rather than derogatory or belittling. It conveys the strength and determination/force of a woman breaking through.”

We loved this track and its ability to challenge perceptions through the medium of music. We’re intrigued to hear what these talented guys have on their agenda next.