Artist: SEAMS

Song: seams

Based: Seattle / Amsterdam

Stands out: INCREDIBLE production, beautiful vocals

If you like: Mutrix, Zedd

Today we have the great pleasure of bringing you the DEBUT track from Trap/EDM act SEAMS.

SEAMS are a duo who’s first ever track came out today, March 1st 2018. There’s not a lot of information about them on the net yet but there certainly is a buzz. That’s quite impressive.

We came across this song and were gobsmacked immediately. Amazing production, incredible atmosphere and solid writing and composition. If you are into any kind of trap, EDM or remix kinds of music then you will probably love this. With over 1,000 streams in only a few hours of even having a song out, it is clear SEAMS are set for big things.

The opening section is a soft yet slightly jarring melody composed of vocal chops and muted keys. The female lead vocal then joins with a raspy and emotional tone. If we had to compare it to anyone we’d say maybe hints of Ellie Goulding, Banks etc. We adore the voice and the production is just as amazing. The song quickly builds up the tension in the form of percussive energy and thickening instruments before dropping into a semi-minimal section of fast trilling samples over trap drums.

This song really is above par, we are truly shooketh.


Stream/download link:

SEAMS here: