Franke – Italy

Artist: Franke

Song: Italy

Based: LA

Stands out: Great sound, great artwork

Franke is an artist from the USA with a really unique style of music. It’s definitely pop and hip-hop orientated but there’s something unusual about it.

We were captivated straight away by the combination of Franke’s soft voice and tight instrumentation. The writing is really great on this too, it’s that kind of satisfying rhyming that makes a great pop song.

Here’s what Franke had to say about the song: “it’s all about sex. just about being able to casually kick it with a girl, and both people being ok with that type of relationship. just on that be young, have fun type of vibe. got a long time to be old and a very short time to be young. society puts a stigma on having fun, but fuck that – sometimes you need to just have a good time”.

His Instagram is pretty cool too: