Jouska- And I’m Sorry

Artist: Jouska

Song: And I’m Sorry

Based: Oslo

Stands out: Eerie vibe, drop

This song is dope! It’s eerie and all encompassing. We didn’t know what to think of it when we first heard it as it’s so unusual but once it got to the semi-creepy build just before the drop we knew we’d found a hit.

“And I’m Sorry” is an alternative/indie electronic song that could fit into the same sort of playlists as Banks, Allie X and Toye Sivan although it is a lot less commercial than all of these acts (in a good way).

The Oslo-based music-duo Jouska makes low-budget electronic music about the obscure parts of your consciousness. The duo which consists of Marit Othilie Thorvik and Hans Olav Settem (Whales & This Lake), has released 3 singles while gaining positive attention from NRK P3’s “Urørt” and both Norwegian and international music blogs. “And I’m Sorry” is the last single from their debut EP “Frog Fiction” before the whole thing is released on the 13th of April, with a following release show in Oslo.