Goo MUnday – Where Did You Go?

Artist: Goo Munday

Song: Where Did You Go?

Based: Sydney

Stands out:  Baby voice, indie production

If you like: Grimes

Today we are bringing you the debut single from brand new indie artist Goo Munday.

Munday is a music producer from Sydney, Australia.  Her music is a hypnotising mix of dark electronic beats, jolting screams and ethereal vocals. She incorporates every aspect of her-self into her art, from the production, vocals, and mixing of all of her music, in conjunction with the editing, styling and directing of her own music videos.

This song is an electronic indie-pop song. Think Grimes. We loved the swaying synths combined with rigid mechanical sounds, layered with Munday’s hypnotic vocals. She has quite the baby voice, or it could be vocal effects, we aren’t really sure at this point but either way it is a fantastic sound. What we really thought was exceptional about this song is that it is super underground but it still has an infectious chorus and strong melodies throughout.

We think Goo Munday will become a big name on the indie scene, and perhaps even the commercial one. Not sure how it can get much better than this but we have a lot of faith that it will blow our socks off.

Check out the mesmerising music video for ‘Where Did You Go?’: