ErnieWoodLo – D.H.M.B.G

Artist: ErnieWoodLo

Song: D.H.M.B.G

Stands out: Deep voice

If you like: Tyga

D.H.M.B.G, short for “dope, hoes, murder, blow, guns” is a really cool new dark hip-hop song from under the radar artist ErnieWoodLo.

The track boasts a pretty gangster beat alongside Ernie’s smooth and deep vocals. With a perfectly timed flow and innovative lyrics, we really found this to be everything we look for in a dark hip-hop song. The sort of relaxed vocals that are pinned down to the low end of his vocal range, we got that Tyga vibe that made us all become obsessed with Rack City back in the day. It’s refreshing when we come across this kind of rap when there’s so much shouting and screaming going on in hip-hop music at the moment.

The instrumentation is your regular soft synths and hard trap percussion that you hear in the more subdued tracks which we think works great as it keeps the focus on the lyrics.

Check out the song below: