HUNTR – Higher

Artist: HUNTR

Song: Higher

Based: L.A

Stands out: That FUCKING sub drop before the rap *oh lord*

If you like: Originality, cutting edge sounds and mind blowing lyrics

You haven’t heard a song like this. Period.

We are super-duper excited to be sharing this new track by HUNTR with you.

HUNTR is an L.A. based trio. They say that they have one mission: to push more progressive sounds and originality to music’s monotonous forefront. This eclectic group is fronted by vocalist/producer Gilbere Forté, and flanked by the immensely talented multi-instrumentalists Boris Likharev and Nick Audy. Wearing a heart on their sleeve that reads, “we are not the same”, HUNTR is set on symphonically blazing a genre-bending trail of their own.

This song doesn’t even fit into a genre, it’s massively eclectic but there’s one thing that resonates throughout the whole track. It’s fucking G.

We were already feeling the track but once it hit the second verse, a.k.a. the sensational rap that MADE the song, we were sold. Moving in our seats without even realising we were doing it, the second chorus comes in like a thunderstorm over still water. This song sounds like fire. Fucks you right up!

We can hear elements of Kings Of Leon, Lady Gaga, and THEY. in there, it’s really hard to explain how it can bear resemblance to so many things and yet sound like nothing else. We loved everything about it and can say that HUNTR have succeeded in creating something Truly original.