3099 – Electric Revival

Artist: 3099

Song: Electric Revival

Stands out: Smooth flow

If you like: Jay-Z

This song is really weird… in a good way!

The verses consist of slick, smoothly laid rap vocals that reminded us a little of Jay-Z in terms of style. It’s defintely the strong point of the song. This is one of those songs where it sounds very satisfying and you feel rewarded as you hear each bar.

The chorus seems to come from nowhere and sounds like a completely different song but it threw us off so much that we actually thought it was a cool feature. Very original and definitely a new sound.

Representing the first single from the upcoming 3099 full length release “Everything The Light Touches” due out in 2018 via Bentley Records, Thirty continues to invite people into his musical tent to show off his unique talent and willingness to explore all of his sonic influences.

“Electric Revival” is produced by Dylan Jensen, recorded at The Plant Manse, with cover art by Dana Coppa.