Jo Goes Hunting – Confusion

Artist: Jo Goes Hunting

Song: Confusion 

Based: Netherlands

Stands out: Tasty bass

Jo Goes Hunting is the musical incarnation of super talented artist Jimmi Jo Hueting. This fresh sound emerges from a broad range of influences and genres covering everything from funk to pop to rock and utilises an even broader range of instruments and techniques.

‘Confusion’ is the second track to be taken from the forthcoming album ‘Come, Future’ and we cannot get enough of it. Bold electronic ‘wubs’ hail the entry of sexy, mellow vocals accompanied by a simmering yet energetic bass line giving the track a contagious energy. The chorus breaks it back down again with a pulsating new direction and slick harmonic vibes.

If ‘Confusion’ floats your boat be sure to also check out ‘Winner’ and keep your ears peeled for new releases on the horizon, each track playing with the boundaries of genres and challenging our expectations of this bold musical pioneer.