Molteno – Hint

Artist: Molteno

Song: Hint

Based: United Kingdom

Stands out: Chill Vibes

If you like: Vintage Sugababes

Fresh out of her East London studio Molteno bring us her chill new track ‘Hint’. It’s hard to deny the resemblance to vintage Sugababes (not even apologising for that guilty pleasure!) but Molteno takes her work to another level exploring the universe with her otherworldly sound. A convergence of dream pop, folk feels and trip hop beats she creates a sound that is at once both eerie and yet warm to the touch.

Jess Molteno’s lyrical flare coupled with her impressive vocal range and entrancing harmonies had us hooked from first listen and we look forward to hearing what she comes up with next as her project picks up momentum, no doubt set for stratospheric success.