No Kind of Rider – Savage Coast

Artist: No Kind of Rider

Song: Savage Coast

Based: Portland / Brooklyn, USA

Worth Noting: Slick intro

Already being hailed as a fast emerging indie powerhouse following the success of their first single ‘Distinct’ which made it onto both Spotify’s New Indie Mix and Ultimate Indie playlists, this five piece is one to keep tabs on.

‘Savage Coast’ is an angsty bass-driven rock anthem featuring dynamic drumming, slick guitar hits and smoooooth vocals. This band displays an ability to combine emotional pop sensibilities with intelligent indie-rock vibes.


The band writes:

Savage Coast is about change. Beautiful, tumultuous, unrelenting, unforgiving change. We wanted it to feel like a landscape that shifts underneath you, where you can find balance quickly, but then lose it just as fast. Jeremy (guitarist) played the opening guitar line once and I just couldn’t let it go. I ended up throwing out every other song I was working on to focus on Savage Coast because I loved that riff so much.

We couldn’t agree more! Check out the track below: