GOLDSMITH – Figure It Out


Song: Figure It Out

Based: New York

Stands out: Real lyrics, chill-hop vibe

If you like: Dr. Dre, Logic

GOLDSMITH is a brand new artist based in New York. With a sound reminiscent of Dr. Dre, yet with the pop value of modern day Logic, we felt he would appeal to a lot of our hip-hop readers.

‘Figure It Out’ is a classic sounding rap track with layered, harmonic melodies and old school vocals. We loved how the song is so aesthetically pleasing as a nostalgic piece but also has an important message. Through his music, Goldsmith attempts to explore and understand the ways in which he views and interacts with the outside world. He’s hoping to create music that is not only sonically enticing and daring, but has the potential to make a difference in someone’s life. While we don’t think this song is anywhere near Goldsmith’s peak, we think it’s a really f***ing great start and a bomb track.

I wrote this song during the middle of my senior year, during a time when I was nearing the end of college and trying to figure out my life after school. I was trying to figure out what career I wanted to pursue, where I wanted to live, how much I wanted to pursue music, and mostly what type of person I wanted to be. I think it’s easy at this point in one’s life to fall into the trap of just choosing the path that you think is most expected of you, rather than looking inside yourself and asking what’s most important to you. Growing up, I got a lot of messages from the media and my environment about what was cool or not cool, what I should or shouldn’t be doing. I feel like it takes time to know exactly what you want, and through my experiences I’ve found out that taking risks and putting myself in uncomfortable positions has made me learn a lot more about myself than laying low and playing it safe.