MASHI – Bridges

Artist: MASHI

Song: Bridges

Based: Denmark

Stands out: Chorus

If you like: The Weeknd

MASHI is an artist from Denmark with vocals running along the same lines as those of The Weeknd (who we love). He’s got that soft, smooth head voice that that knocks into falsetto. We really liked the way it lays so nicely over the minimal R&B beat.

The track

The vocal melody in the chorus is rewarding, catchy and high-energy considering it’s on the slower side. You know we love us a good catchy pop track!

This song has received a fair bit of coverage in the blogging world so we think you guys will probably be into it as much as we are. Check it out.

“MASHI’s first single ‘Hold Me’ peaked the iTunes R&B singlechart at the release back in April 2017. With it’s signature acoustic fingerpicking guitar and gritty voice samples, MASHI introduced his own sensitive style of ghetto-pop.”