Max Styler & TWERL – Wasted Time

Artist: Max Styler

Song: Wasted Time ft. TWERL

Based: California

Stands out: Incredible drop, raspy vocals

If you like: Flume, Neo Noir, AWAY

? Jesus take the wheel.

This song is freaking incredible. It’s an EDM track that falls in the same sort of collection of genres as Flume, Neo Noir, Away etc. We dig it big time.

 ‘Wasted Time’ is the latest fiery track to drop on Max Styler’s soundcloud page, a follow up to his smash record ‘All Your Love’ which garnered over 100k plays on the site. I think it’s worth mentioning that this new one has over 160k plays in just over 2 weeks, insane right? It’s believable.

Smooth synths, from the trebles to the bass, make up the verse alongside some raspy yet feminine vocals from TWERL. You know shit’s about to go down when you hear the risers in the build right before you’re thrown into an all encompassing array of dirty synths that make up the drop. This is one of the best songs of 2018 so far.

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