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Coco Bans – Miracle

Artist: Coco Bans

Song: Miracle

Based: Deep in the French countryside

Stands out: Hypnotising production

If you like: Les Apaches

Fans of Parisian collective Les Apaches will be hot on the heels of this slick new release from folktronica group Coco Bans.

Stepping out of the shadows as a writer for the likes of Lil Wayne, Jabberwocky and many more, the group’s singer/songwriter Allyson Ezell delivers a digital creation with roots grounded in folk grooves, creating a cool house party vibe yet retaining an almost primally hypnotic feel with instinctive rhythm.

Released yesterday on the Apaches Compilation (Caroline International/Universal), keep your eyes and ears peeled for their upcoming EP due to drop in the autumn.

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