Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Hide

Artist: Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Song: Hide

Based: United States

Stands out: Emotional mini-documentary accompaniment and an inspiring coming out story

With the release of North Carolina-based indie rock band Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s hotly anticipated new album “How to: Friend, Love, Freefall” comes the release fo the moving video accompaniment for their track ‘Hide’.

The video follows the lives of four drag queens in New Orleans in a style quite unlike your average music video, adopting a micro-documentary style. Although upbeat in its nature, the heavy subject matter of coming out is a story which resonates with the band’s frontman Sam Melo.

In his own words:

In the summer of 2015, I had simply stopped writing.  I’d always been pretty prolific, but, without that outlet, an unfamiliar feeling began to register with me.  Digging for a couple days, I came to recognize that I was attracted to someone.  It’s a guy. “Oh shit…I’m gay.”

I was so emotional because it was so taboo growing up in the Dominican Republic, a real man’s man kind of place.  The few out kids I knew all got beat up for being gay.  Somehow I recognized early on, that whatever I was, I was like them.

All of those thoughts rushed back to me when I discovered this attraction, and the first words I wrote in weeks were “I got some radio wires soldered to my heart; you’re the only thing that’s coming in.” That single line would grow into “Hide.”

I exploded and cried.  Three days of, “what is happening?!” The waves of emotion were intense for me and I was really nervous to tell the band.  At our next practice, I came out to them. Their response? “You’re a dance major who wears a pea coat, dress shoes, and smokes Djarum Blacks.  We know, it’s cool.” Despite the anti-climactic reaction, they were the reason this song came to life in the studio nearly two years later.

No longer hidden, this video is a celebration of that process – reconciling who and what you love with the people you love.

A fantastically moving and inspiring piece, a real creation to behold.