Isaiah Peck – Switch

Artist: Isaiah Peck

Song: Switch

Based: Toronto

Stands out: Incredible vocals, catchy chorus

If you like: Big Sean, Chris Brown

D E B U T !

‘Switch’ is the debut track from our new favourite artist Isaiah Peck.
The Toronto based rapper blesses this track with his slick vocals and flow. It’s got an edginess to it but still boasts an insanely catchy chorus.
The song starts out with a few plucks of a high pitched synth, laden with reverb to start the atmosphere of the song. This continues as the basses, vocals and fx come in. This song is like walking through an amusement park on halloween, there are sounds coming from everywhere and you’re plunged into a range of emotions.







“Composing the song was fairly simple as I have a great team of people around me. The song is produced by a guy named Giordash and he’s super musically inclined. The funny thing was prior to this song, we we’re working on something else totally different in the studio, he was creating from scratch and oddly enough we never finished that ’cause I wasn’t feeling it. Told him to scrap it and we we’re on to the next. After that I said make a simple trap beat and he literally did it in 5 minutes, no problem. The lyrics came hella easy since my homies Devon Tracy & S4G4 we’re in the room. We all we’re just yelling random stuff, brainstorming ideas and it was honest because we’ve ALL gone through the experience of having haters who are nice around you but show their true colours when they are not.”

‘”Switch’ is ultimately a dance song with the underlying message of staying solid as a person and never switching up. I been through moments in my life where I’ve seen people change around me and act different around people I know when they never used to move like that. Whether it be girls of guys, I’ve seen first hand. People act “two face”, they’ll be on your side and in your corner on day and gone the next.”