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“Saucy” as defined by is “a mixture between sassy and feisty; while
sassiness is often subconscious, sauciness is always deliberate. Sauciness tends to have sexual
undertones. It’s always good to be a little saucy.” Mal!k’s songwriting and vocals epitomize this
definition while the music, produced by Keath Lowry (Top 20 Billboard Dance hit and 2 Billboard
Hot 100 singles), adds just the right amount of edge to support his delivery.
Mal!k plans to perform live and release 2 more singles and his debut EP, also produced by
Keath Lowry, throughout the rest of the year. Follow Mal!k to stay up to date on his shows and
future releases.
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When we asked Mal!k about his sound here’s what he had to say:

“Idk man , I’m very Pop-ish but I’m without a doubt R&B , I like to just take what ever I hear in my head no matter how crazy or strange and put it to some words and beats and that’s how I make my art”