EXI – I Don’t Regret It

Artist: EXI

Song: I Don’t Regret It

Based: L.A.

Stands out: Vocals, great mix

‘I Don’t Regret It’ is a new pop track by US based artist EXI. We liked the track as soon as we heard it, originally for the vocals but soon fell in love with the production and melodic chorus too. While this track is very radio-ready, it’s got an alt-pop core and singer-songwriter style lyrics. We think you’ll enjoy it.

EXI is an artist currently living in Hollywood, CA. She trained and competed classically in five different instruments and voice until graduating high school in Phoenix, AZ and moving to New York City to collaborate with other musicians and find adventure.

After a year spent in the Lower East Side of New York, she had the opportunity to move to London and participate in multiple creative projects in music and performance art/theatre. She spent a half year in Europe traveling from country to country crashing on any floor that would allow it, and then took a leap of faith that would lead her to the paradise she always dreamed of calling home: Los Angeles.

EXI made Euroamerica’s “Top 20 Underground Artists of the Year” and is determined to only go up from here.