Emma Miller – Wasteland

Artist: Emma Miller

Song: Wasteland

Based: UK

Stands out: Soulful vocals, build at 2:00

If you like: Laura Marling, Agnes Obel, Brooke Fraser

Scottish songstress Emma Miller steps out from her musical hibernation with this, her new track ‘Wasteland’.

A faultless, soulful vocal performance, the song was conceived from her home in the Highlands of Scotland, inspired by the heartbreaking images hitting the news of the Syrian refugee crisis on a daily basis.

“Within this poetic depiction of the struggle of a refugee, there is a simple love song that echoes all of our needs to be accepted and loved for who we are”.

A truly spine tingling track, one can’t help but be moved by her performance and we eagerly anticipate what more she has to offer the world of music.



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