GunFight – Cravings

Artist: GunFight

Song: Cravings

Based: Austin, TX

Stands out: Vocals, catchy writing

If you like: The Weeknd

The track is opened with a beautifully equalised plucked guitar which is delicately chorused and reverberated. Soon joined by a little bit of bass and a rim snare, you are slowly lead into the hazy hip-hop song that ‘Cavings’ is.

The vocals are somewhere between Thee Weekndd and Justin Bieber’s newer stuff, we thought they were pretty amazing and coupled with the infectious writing on this track, we were obsessed. It’s so catchy yet deep.

The song details struggles with addiction which most people can relate to in some capacity. Although the lyrical content may be heavy, it’s definitely still a bomb-ass song that you will likely have on all of your driving playlists.

If this song doesn’t get a music video we’ll be sad because it’s one of our favourites that we’ve ever posted about. Check it out below: