MAEVE – Empty

Artist: MAEVE

Song: Empty

Based: London

Stands out: Harmonies/Melodies

If you like: Banks

With the sound of a sorrowful angel, MAEVE might just hit you in the heart strings.

‘Empty’ is the Caymanian, although now London based, artist’s debut release. The song is rather striking, with melancholic melodies and digitized harmonies which you may be familiar with the sound of if you listen to the likes of Banks or Troye Sivan. Usually these melodies are used in the background for a few seconds at a time but it’s the entire focus of this piece and we thought it rocked.

Instrumentally, this song is almost bare until near the end, fronted with only Maeve’s beautiful vocals, harmonies and percussion of a minimal nature.

The song comes with a stunning visual that could be a scene from a movie, there’s almost something slightly unnerving about it – the way it feels so cold and empty really resonates with the lyrical content of the song.

It’s an understatement to say we are slightly in awe of this piece of art and we have all our bets on Maeve being the next big thing to make it out of the indie void into the mainstream. Not that we want the music to change, she just deserves a hell of a lot of recognition and we reckon she’s gonna get it.