Lulleaux feat. NEIMY – Missing You

Artist: Lulleaux feat. NEIMY

Song: Missing You

Based: Holland

If you like: Flume

‘Missing You’ is the latest track from Dutch producer Lulleaux who boasts an impressive 1.9 million monthly listeners on his Spotify page.

Lulleaux had an influx of success with his remixes of popular songs, both on the more indie side of youtube and on Spotify, but also with his own singles such as ‘Contact’.

This track is a super upbeat EDM song with Lulleaux’s signature house sound coated with more futuristic flumey style EDM elements too. It’s a great chart banger with catchy lyrics and that ever popular female vocal style that’s going around at the moment. Check out the song below.

This is a track that is a bit different and more experimental than the tracks that I recently dropped. The instrumental stays calm while the vocal makes it catchy as hell,”