Dez Money – She’s My Girl

Artist: Dez Money

Song: She’s My Girl

Based: Los Angeles

Stands out: Unique vocal style, impressive writing

This song could become a classic.

Dez Money is an artist based in the sunny city of Los Angeles. A seasoned writer, Dez shows off his knack for writing unexpectedly catchy lyrics on ‘She’s My Girl’. You don’t really know where it’s going when it opens and then there’s just one or two lines that leave you like “DAMN”; it gets you right in the soul.

Passionate, classic cool and rock and roll. This song needs to be on your playlists for entertaining, and you know… “entertaining”. It’s gonna have your love interest by the heart strings.

Music has been in Dez Money’s blood since the day he was born as the son of Rock legend, Eddie Money. His first memories are of playing the drums at an early age, and his childhood summers were spent working as a drum tech in his father’s band. In addition to the drums, the self-described “music nerd” is proficient in bass, guitar, and piano, putting his skills on full display as frontman of his own band—which includes his brother, Julian, and sister, Jesse—as well as in his father’s touring band, which he has been playing in since he was 19.

Dez writes all of his own music and plays multiple instruments on his songs.