EARON & Malo – Nothing Short Of Love

Artist: EARON & Malo

Song: Nothing Short Of Love

Based: Sweden

Stands out: Catchiness

If you like: Justin Bieber

‘Nothing Short Of Love’ is a new track from EARON & Malo – a pair of talented artists who have amassed over 40 million streams. The song s about not is about not daring to open up to each other in a relationship when a party tries to give something more than just physical contact.

The production on this song is totally top notch. Whoever mixed this is a master, the EQ on each instrument is so perfectly executed that you really hear each part independently yet the whole lot blend perfectly in their individual spots like a modern symphony.

The lyrics are super catchy and written with a pop style that you’ll enjoy if you’re into the likes of Justin Bieber (current day), Astronomyy etc.

Have a listen, jam out!