Twelve24 – Keep a Little Love

Artist: Twelve24

Song: Keep a Little Love

Based: Manchester

Stands out: Catchy lyrics, great melodies

If you like: Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix

‘Keep a Little Love’ is the new single from Twelve24, a duo from Manchester, UK.

The song opens with a baseless reversed piano and a really stunning vocal. The vocal melody and the tone work so well together.

Harmonies start to come in as the song builds before shifting into a cutting edge drop. We love how clean and sharp it is. There’s such a combination of sounds going on here that we couldn’t describe it if we tried, you’d best listen for yourself.

It’s definitely a high energy tune but it still has a fair bit of emotion to it, that takes not only skill but a little bit of magic and a lot of talent. We think you’ll dig this track if you’re into Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix and Calvin Harris.

“Summertime vibe with purpose and meaning. When you see all in the world going on in the news, TV & media it is hard to have any words to express but one thing is certain “the whole world needs love.” If we all keep a little bit of love in our hearts we can be there for one another and bring purpose from peoples pain.”