Vandelux & Marc 7 – That Look

Artist: Vandelux & Marc 7

Song: That Look

Based: San Francisco

Stands out: High energy beat

Blue eyes say “love me or I die”, brown eyes say “love me or I kill you”.

We are really excited to share this track with you! San Francisco based producer Vandelux has teamed up with Marc 7 (Jurassic 5) to whip up a banging album, this is just a teaser of what’s to come!

The pair’s first single is a high energy track with a kicking beat, dirty synths, SICK sampling and tight vocals. This is the type of track used in the opening sequence of a Hollywood Blockbuster – we could totally see this in Baby Driver 2 (if that’s a thing).

Have a listen and be sure to follow these guys as you won’t want to miss what’s next from them.