VanessaMichaels – Dance Forever (feat. $k)

Artist: VanessaMichaels

Song: Dance Forever (feat. $k)

Based: Los Angeles

Stands out: Beat

If you like: Giggs

‘Dance Forever’ is the fourth and final track on VenessaMichaels’ debut EP, FLIGHT (June 8th 2018).

This track has a hard hitting, punchy beat which features a distorted kick and sub bass that sounds like it might erupt. We loved the simplicity of the instrumentation as it really gave the song a clean feel while allowing the explosive percussion to take the lead.

The vocals are by $k and they have that kind of semi-grime vibe like Giggs has.

Serving as VenessaMichaels’ debut project and first-ever concept EP, FLIGHT showcases Venessa’s vast talents giving us a taste of what is to come from this rising star. FLIGHT also features some of Venessa’s closest friends and peers such as Effy, Outlaw the Artist and $K, who all bring their own special something to the project, allowing FLIGHT to take the form of an EP that will stand any weather and be recognised for the greatness that it is.