Oli Fox – Cruel (Piano Acoustic)

Artist: Oli Fox

Song: Cruel

Based: Essex, UK

Stands out: Incredible voice, catchy lyrics

If you like: Erik Hassle, Sam Smith

‘Cruel’ is the debut track from 21 year old newcomer and multi-instrumentalist, Oli Fox.

We loved this song, it really reminded us of Sam Smith in terms of writing but Oli’s sound is still totally original. We predict that this boy will be a big hit. Check out the acoustic version below!

Hailing from Essex, Oli started out playing the drums as a teenager, before learning both the guitar and piano. It was Oli’s vocal ability that first started to really set him apart, swiftly getting him noticed by fellow musicians and producers. He began singing and writing as much as he could, joining multiple bands whilst still at school and gigging wherever possible in order to satisfy his insatiable desire to perform.

The track serves as the perfect introduction to Oli’s innate musical ability, evident in the textured electronica which forms the basis of the track and in the use of his voice, powerful yet impressively controlled, mature and soulful, whilst at the same time managing to remain totally current.