Lent – Kapitän

Artist: Lent

Song: Kapitän

Based: Austria

Stands out: Cold, dark hip-hop sound

‘Kapitän’ is the debut single from Austrian Rapper Lent.

The song is cold, gangster and comes with a sick music video with some really neat editing. What more could you want? Everything about this is great.

Lent was only 17 years old when he was signed to “MOM I MADE IT” – an emerging label working under the Universal Music umbrella. “Kapitän”, his hard-hitting debut single was released in May this year to great appraisal from a wide variety of journalists and people within the German speaking rap scene. Four weeks later the single “Capella” saw it’s release on June 22nd, changing the pace quite a bit from Lent’s first single, proving he is equally capable of a soulful delivery as he is dropping verbal darts.

Lent’s older brother Damian Beats is the man behind all his beats and was also responsible for creating the music for the French platinum hit “Ouloulou” by DABS. 42 million views on Youtube can’t lie. The duo of brothers with roots in the Kosovo and living in the small industrial town Linz in Austria are set out to prove they have what it takes.