KRANE & Max Styler – Changes feat. GØLDN

Artist: KRANE & Max Styler

Song: Changes feat. GØLDN

Stands out: Production

‘Changes’ is an EDM song which will appeal to you if you like Flume type of sounds with catchy lyrics and melodies.

We really liked the vocals on this track, and although they are singing the same lyrics throughout the whole song, they are varied enough that it works perfectly. 

Produced in collaboration with Max Styler, “Changes” finds KRANE reinventing himself yet again to create a sophisticated and dreamy soundscape; the track delivers a slowly unwinding bassline and mesmerizing synths, all complemented by GOLDN’s soulful vocals to tell the story of the sacrifices we make for love. KRANE’s penchant for emotive bass fused with Styler’s organic grooves is undeniably a winning combination. “Changes” is out on KRANE’s SESSIONS, where KRANE has released much of his recent music.