Art Bastian – Animal (With DJ Lara Fraser)

Artist: Art Bastian

Song: Animal (With DJ Lara Fraser)

Stands out: Drop

If you like: Aluna George

This song really stood out to us as it reminded us of a song we loved a lot a few years ago ‘You Know You Like It’ by DJ Snake and Aluna George.

The drop/chorus is what really got us with this track, we were already sold by the verses but the drop kind of came unexpectedly and was a very pleasant surprise.

Art Bastian is a brand new artist project from an already established songwriter and producer. Having worked behind the scenes for some of the biggest names in music already, the mysterious artist is stepping only slightly out of the shadows, in order to release a slew of releases under his new adopted moniker. The name represents how the new project will bring together up and coming artists and musicians, Art Bastian being the creative and curative force behind each single.

“Animal speaks about the innate power in every woman that should be championed, not stifled or shamed. The lyrics and video are supposed to make you want to get up and dance, feel sexy and be proud – owning and subverting the male gaze” – DJ Lara Fraser

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