Artist: Johnny Gates

Song: cliche

Based: Los Angeles

Stands out: Almost everything, it’s beautiful

If you like: Kings Of Leon, Snow Patrol

If you’re going through a tough time then this song might bring you some relief, sometimes only a sad song will treat a broken heart.

We’d like to introduce those of you who don’t watch the voice to Johnny Gates, a Los Angeles based artist with something really special.

With a raspy yet palatable voice, Johnny really lays down some pure, burning emotion on ‘cliche’ – a track about some time he spent with his ex. The song is a mix of plucked and strummed electric guitar, soft rock drums and the beautiful vocal track. We really enjoyed this and hope you will too.


Originally from Providence, RI, he started his first band in high school and immediately fell in love with music. Spending the first few years climbing up the ladder in the Providence scene, Johnny and his band eventually moved to Nashville, TN to chase the dream. While in Nashville, he had a chance to work with some of music’s biggest names and focus on songwriting.