Kelly Heeley – Dance Me Away

Artist: Kelly Heeley

Song: Dance Me Away

Based: Toronto, Canada

Stands out: Writing

If you like: Taylor Swift, Troye Sivan

We wanted to share this song with our readers because it got stuck in our heard after only hearing it once. The style of writing is super catchy and actually we would compare it to Taylor Swift’s style circa 1989 (the album, not the year – she was a baby then and probably didn’t sound that great…)

What we’re trying to do is give Kelly a huge compliment. This song is really well produced and the vocals are lovely, the closest comparison we can think of is probably Troye Sivan.

If you’re interested in hearing for yourself then Check out the song below:

Also… Check out his jawline:

“I’m trying to create music that feels like the cure to a memory, or a feeling,” – Kelly Heeley