Danielle Deckard – Sky Falls Down

Artist: Danielle Deckard

Song: Sky Falls Down

Based:  Sydney, Australia

Stands out: Message, 80’s vibes

If you like: Allie X, Charity, MSMR

‘Sky Falls Down’ is the third single from Sydney-based indie-pop artist Danielle Deckard’s forthcoming album ‘Happy’.

This song stood out to us because of the soft yet robust vocals which are delivered in an usual style. The closest thing we could compare it to would probably be Allie X in her quieter tones.

The production is very 80’s, as is the video, and that’s something we have always been quite partial to. The lush colours of the video compliment the contrast between dark and upbeat in the soundscape.

Danielle composed the song as a reaction to the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida in 2016, at which 49 venue-goers were killed and 53 others wounded – making it the deadliest incident of violence against LGBTQI+ people in US history. “Sky Falls Down” is an appropriately aggressive take on the power ballad for 2018, targeted at those who oppose progress of gun reform and social progress.